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Our Team Rules

At IdentityWorkx, we stand for integrity and trust, ensuring honesty and transparency in every interaction.

Team Rule
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What We Do as a Team

At IdentityWorkx, we specialize in providing comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. Our team is dedicated to enhancing security, compliance, and efficiency for organizations of all sizes. We design, implement, and manage IAM frameworks that safeguard digital identities and ensure seamless access control. With a focus on innovation and best practices, we help our clients navigate the complexities of IAM, delivering tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Together, we are committed to making digital environments secure and manageable.

Team Rule
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Integrity and Trust:

We prioritize honesty and transparency in all our interactions and commitments. Every decision we make is guided by a strong ethical compass, ensuring that our clients and partners can rely on us.

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We continuously seek and implement cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead in the IAM industry. Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore new technologies and methodologies, delivering advanced and effective IAM solutions.

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Customer Focus

Our clients’ needs and satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, understand, and tailor our services to meet their specific requirements, fostering long-lasting relationships.

Our Team

We Have Come
Together to Create

Melvis Hadžić

CEO, Program Manager

As the CEO of IdentityWorkx, Melvis Hadžić drives the company's vision with strategic insight and leadership. His dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that IdentityWorkx stays at the forefront of IAM solutions.

Amel Hadžić

IAM and Data Protection Consultant

Amel Hadžić brings his expertise in Identity and Access Management to develop robust and secure solutions. His technical skills and problem-solving abilities are crucial to our success.

Amir huduti

HR, IAM Developer

Amir Huduti is a talented IAM developer known for his meticulous approach and innovative solutions. His work ensures our clients receive top-tier IAM services.


Bojan Kostić

Scrum Master,

Bojan Kostić, our Scrum Master, excels in managing agile projects and ensuring seamless team collaboration. His leadership keeps our projects on track and efficient.

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